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Worldwide there are around 3000 recorded cases of children talking about past life. Out of these 3000 cases, there are around 80 cases, which give particularly strong reincarnation evidence . This page briefly summarizes a few of the stronger and also a few of the weaker cases as reincarnation stories:




James was born to unmarried Kathy in Chicago in 1978. When a node was found below his ear at the age of 16 months, it turned out that he had suffered from a terminal illness. His condition worsened despite treatment. He had to be fed intravenously and lost his sight on one eye. James died with only 2 years of age.
About 7 years later, Kathy joined in a happy marriage, and in 1992, her son Chad was born. At birth, she was surprised about some physical similarities with the late James: a suspected blindness in his left eye, a scar on the back where the catheter had been placed with James, a small cyst on the lower side of the right ear, pale skin and blonde hair.
With 4 years, Chad suddenly started to make remarks that concerned the former residence of Kathy and old toys from James. All remarks coincided with the former life of James. Shortly later, he pointed to a picture of himself on which James was to be seen and talked about it, telling his mother that he died and had come back again.

>>> Full story in  German (with reference to the mostly English source) here 



From his early childhood on, Sujith began to report from a past life. He had been called Gorakana Sammy and had lived in the only 12km away Gorakana, where he had worked for the railroad and had sold alcohol on a boat. He had lived with his wife, Maggie, with whom he often had had disputes. After an argument he was, probably drunk, hit by a truck and died of his injuries.

Sujith showed a pronounced fear of trucks and often demanded for alcohol and cigarettes. He also felt the urge to travel to Gorakana. A local monk who was interested in Sujith’s stories, wrote down 16 of his statements from a past life and made efforts to find out more about it in Gorakana. It turned out that a man called Gorakana Sammy, born in 1919, had indeed lived there. Statements by Sujith about school, home and work, as well as about his former wife were confirmed. It also turned out that Sammy had had a daughter with his wife and a son with a lover as well as that he had developed affection for alcohol after he had lost his job with the railroad. The accidental death, the statements made by Sujith, the resembling character traits with Gorakana Sammy, as well as five recognitions of people from a possible past life, turned out to be true. Sujith himself recognized 6 objects from his former life, noticed 3 changes from his earlier life and used 3 ancient, now no more common, expressions.

>>> Full story in  German (with reference to the mostly English source) here (German)


Angela Wolf early left from a disco night due to a presentiment of danger. And indeed, those presentiments should turn out correctly when she became witness of an accident on the highway on her way home. The vehicle in front of her stroke a young pedestrian. Despite reviving measures, the young man succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident. In the following days, she was troubled with dreams in which the young man appeared to her in a dream, talking about wanting to come to her. In the dream, she opposed this request. In her final dream however, which took place at his funeral in northern Italy, she gave in provided that he promised that he hadn’t committed suicide, would clarify everything with his family and would be able to return within the next 18 months. Angela then got in contact with the mother of the man through the obituary. His mother confirmed that Mario, the young man, had actually lived six-monthly in northern Italy, where his grave was. On the night of the accident, Mario swung off the road with his car and, badly injured, stumbled on the highway. It remained unknown whether he had run on the street to commit suicide or in search for help.
Nine months after the event, Angela had an affair and unintentionally became pregnant with Rolf, despite prevention. Exactly 18 months after the accident, Rolf came into the world. At the age of 3-4 years, the boy suddenly declared that he had died in a car accident. The detailed description of the accident and the injuries he had described led Angela not having any doubts that Mario was possibly reborn. Research revealed strong similarities between the two boys’ characters. They also had the same allergies and pain in the knees (which can be brought in connection with Mario's car accident). Shortly after Mario's death, Mario’s mother also had paranormal experiences which she associated with her son’s death.

>>> Full story in  German (with reference to the mostly English source) here (German)


Beverly had her son Brent with the young age of 17. She was overwhelmed with the child's care and her husband's abuse towards their own child, but tolerated. Five years later, her second son was born. She separated from her husband soon thereafter. Brent however continued to seek contact with his father and went to live with him in Germany for 4 years, until he was 18 years old. Beverly married a second time. In the absence of Brent, she much thought about the way she had dealt with things when she was younger. She felt guilty. After Brent’s return from Germany, they had a clarifying and conciliatory conversation. A short time later, Brent suddenly died in a car accident. Since then, Beverly had extraordinary experiences which she explained with the death of her son. Many years after Brent’s death, Beverly was pregnant with Jesse. Even as a baby, Jesse already showed strong resemblance in the appearance and behavior of his late brother: He had a similar affection for hats, advised his grandmother when she smoked, and remembered a small fire accident in the house. One day, Jesse unexpectedly led his mother to the house in which Brent had grown up. He also pointed out Brent on photos when he spoke of himself and strongly reminded his mother as she gave him a little pat on the cheek. All of these events were evidence for Beverly to believe in the reincarnation of her late son.

>>> Full story in  German (with reference to the mostly English source) here 


Bishen Chand was born to a poor family home in Bareilly, North India, in 1921. At a young age, he reported from a previous life under the name of Laxmi Narain who came from a higher caste in the nearby town of Pilibhit. In early childhood days, Bishen Chand showed an atypical, imperious behavior and was immediately able to play the Tablas (a type of drums difficult to play). A lawyer got to know about the boy and noted down the child's stories. Finally, he had persuaded the father to travel to Pilibhit with his son. The trip resulted in countless matches with stories that Bishen Chand had told before, and with people he thought he had known. He made accurate statements about his school days, his home and his time as a young adult, which fully or partially agreed with what residents or family members had reported about Laxmi Narain. Furthermore, he was able to describe the former residence of his parents in detail, recognized his old school again and let it be known that he had committed a murder out of jealousy. He knew the name of his lover and told a story about a watch dealer, whom he had financially supported. He recognized Laxmi's mother who asked him a few test questions that only Laxmi could answer. Bishen knew about the former property dispute which Laxmi had contested with his former family. In addition, Bishen Chand also showed similar eye problems Laxmi also had had. At a later stage, Bishen Chand accounted the relative poverty of his life today to the licentious behavior in his previous life. Accordingly, he adjusted his present behavior.

>>>Full story in  German (with reference to the mostly English source) here 


Herbert unexpectedly died in 1976, at the age of 53, from a heart attack. In 1997, his grandson Herbert (Junior) came into the world. The parents of Herbert Jr affirm that they have made no assertions to their son, which could have triggered the following statements and stories: Until Herbert Jr was around six years old, he seemed to be able to remember various past events and circumstances that concerned his grandfather. Amongst other, he talked about ‘Aunt Toni’ who had been the favorite aunt of his grandfather; he pointed out the old house of his great-grandmother when passing by; he knew the exact location of his grandfather’s grave, started to cry and emphasized that ‘he had already returned'; he asked his own father if he knew that he was his father; or advised against the sale of his grandfather’s car since it was ‘his car’. On photos, Herbert Jr would point out the mother of his grandfather and refer to her as his mother. He also developed the same interests and characteristic traits like his grandfather. Moreover, Herbert Jr. had paranormal dreams that turned out to be past facts.
In adulthood, Herbert Jr distanced himself from a previous life and also didn´t want to be reminded of statements he had made in the past.

>>> Full story in  German (with reference to the mostly English source) here (German)

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