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which give Evidence on Reincarnation


(by far the most important source)


Worldwide, in the past 50 years, thousands of cases have been recorded of young children telling their parents unprompted stories about their "previous life" (sometimes including the time between the current and the previous life). 

In cases of children expressing themselves in detail, their information is often checked for accuracy. This is done by identifying the remembered (deceased) person from the previous life, collecting information on that person and matching it with the memory of the child. 

Almost always the parents began verifying their children’s statements and Stevenson could only check on their results and add more exhibits. For around 45 years, Prof. Dr. Ian Stevenson from the Univeristy of Virginia (USA) and 4 of his fellow professors from all over the world (or other countries) have carried out considerable research about whether or not these reports can be taken seriously.

Their analysis shows that: 

  • The cause of death of the decreased person has almost always been correctly described by the child.

  • Various behaviors and characteristic traits of the child are consistent with those of the deceased person.

  • Birthmarks of the child in some cases coincide with the death wounds of the deceased person.

  • During initial visits, children often recognize unfamiliar people as "former relatives" or "friends", they spontaneously address them with names or nicknames or have knowledge of petty family matters.

  • Children know about their "previous home" and talk about changes between "Past" and "Today".

For more details, please check here

The number, nature and precision of these accounts in rich casescannot be explained by coincidence. Many of the stories give by far too precise information and the probability that the children just got it right by chance is far lower than winning in the lottery. However other Counter-Arguments have been raised, which are in detail discussed here


Please find also more about credibility (only in German language) here:

Other Sources 

which give Proof of Reincarnation


The most common method for inducing adult memories of past lives and the time in between lifes is the so-called "Regression". The person is hypnotized, remember experiences of the current life and also gives accounts on previous lifes. In case of "Regression Therapy", traumatic experiences in past lives are re-lived to support the solution of mental or physical problems in this life. Besides the therapeutic function of these sessions, some of the generated data is also used in reincarnation research.


Research in this topic area is not nearly as advanced as research

on prompted memories of small children. There are only 37 well verified (however self-researched) cases which have been published in detail and which are more or less convincing. However, these cases are clearly more vulnerable to memory disorders (and are harder to verify), because adults have many more impressions from the present life than children, because memories usually date back longer in time, and because memories often include several lives.


So-called near death experiences are memories of an unconscious person and which are told after his/her revival. These typically relate to non-physical experiences during unconsciousness and to descriptions of the unconscious person’s earthly surroundings and the 'Beyond'. The memories often well correspond with stories of children and people who have been regressed. In a few cases, the narratives also relate to a past life.



Mental media (sensitive people) establish communication between a living person and a deceased person. In these conversations, re-birth is repeatedly confirmed by the deceased person.


There are a number of example cases of adults who have been dreaming of past lives. Dreams were partially reconstructed in detail. Details could sometimes later be verified during research.


A high percentage of the general population knows the feeling of having an experience which appears to be known by personal experience, although it did not occur in the current life. Some people assume that these deja-vu experiences can be explained by a past life.

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