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Worldwide, in the past 50 years, thousands of cases have been recorded of young children telling their parents unprompted stories about their "previous life" (sometimes including the time between the current and the previous life).

A summary of the well-recorded and detailed 80 cases and life after death has shown, which typical characteristics these rebirth cases have.

Worldwide there are around 3000 recorded cases of children talking about past life. Out of

these 3000 cases, there

are around 80 cases, which give particularly strong reincarnation evidence.

Around 80% of the Western population (i.e. proponents of modern science or of one of the monotheistic religions, but generally also infidels) considers the idea of the existence of rebirth, as nonsense.

The website gives further, more detailed information on the topic of reincarnation (unfortunately up to date only in German language).

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