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Around 80% of the Western population (i.e. proponents of modern science or of one of the monotheistic religions, but generally also infidels) considers the idea of the existence of rebirth, as nonsense. Any evidence for the contrary is being ignored due to prejudices. Despite critical attitudes, few people are still unbiased and are looking for a plausible explanation for paranormal phenomena which point to an existence of rebirth cancel. For those, general objections and alternative explanations are summarized here:















1. General Objections 


1.1. Incompatibility with scientific thought

Principally, Physics, Chemcs, Biochemics or Medicine are not concerned about a life after death, a "Beyond", about reincarnation, or about a God. As a consequence, science cannot make "scientific" statements about such topics.

The assertion that consciousness is a result of electrochemical processes in the brain (and therefore existence ceases with death) is unproven. Our lack of knowledge is immense; we even cannot clearly define the term "consciousness", let alone being able to explain how it evolves.


1.2. Incompatibility with Physics

Einstein's theory of relativity and quantum theory perfectly describe the physical reality of macrocosm and microcosm. Yet, both make statements which are incompatible with every-day-experiences and hence are hard to comprehend. The reincarnation hypothesis also perfectly describes the encountered extraordinary phenomena. Is it wrong, because it does not occur in our everyday life? Would anyone understand what is meant by "love", if it were only an experience of a few ‘exotics’?


1.3. Incompatibility with Darwin’s theory of evolution

The theory of evolution is not verified knowledge, but a hypothesis. Undoubtedly, it well explains small changes within species; however, it does not explain the great evolutionary steps and the origin of life itself. How ‘consciousness’ entered the world cannot be explained by this theory. Sufficient experimental evidence does not exist. One may recalculate that available time on Earth could have not been long enough to allow a first cell to evolve.

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