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Wikipedia defines it as "the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, can begin a new life in a new body."


Our approach is strictly empirical in the sense that we analyse at the available data on the phenomenon of reincarnation and draw conclusions based on this data (and not on a religious or any other theoretical system) 


Knowledge on the question, if (human) beings are re-born would shed light on many issues very central to our nature and also have various practical implications, e.g.:

  • Knowledge in Reincarnation could change the way we prepare our world for the future and how we care about the environment. If we believe that it is not just "future generations" but it will be ourselves facing a hot and depleted world, I might take this issue more serious.

  • If we understand some of the mechanisms of rebirth, this might also guide us in other ways, how to best prepare ourselves for the next life.

  • Reincarnation could also help us to explain for example how two siblings with the same parents and uprising can have such a different character or some why people have certain traumata.

  • By studying such seemingly 'metaphysical issues' based on information, reincarnation-research can constitute a cornerstone of am empirical philosphy or ontology.

  • Give a brief overview on Reincarnation Research, including its key sources of information, typical characteristics found in reincarnation cases, some case studies and a discussion of counter-arguments.

  • Establish contact to parents with children reporting on past lives and to people having other reincarnation-related experiences 

  • Establish a network of people interested to contribute to the topic of Reincarnation Research with skills, ideas and connections (e.g. students of Philosophy, Researchers, Journalists, potential Sponsors) 

  • The website also contains links to further, more detailed, sources of information. 




  • Dieter Hassler, has over the last years become one of the world's leading scientists on the topic, has published several books on the topic and given numerous conference talks and others.


  • He was born in 1939 in Frankfurt / Main, Germany. He was married and got two grown-up daughters.


  • After graduating in Communications Engineering from the Technical University in Darmstadt, he worked in industrial research focusing on medical technology/ diagnostic ultrasound for over 25 years.


  • He has been studying and researching about reincarnation for more than 15 years and meanwhile received a qualification to conduct regressions (only used for research purposes).


  • In 2011, his first book on children who spontaneously remember their past life (ISBN: 978-3-86858-646-6), was published; another two volume book on regressions into past lives and its importance for the reincarnation hypothesis was released in 2015 (ISBN: 978-3-95631-359-2 and 978-3-95631-360-8).


  • He does not have any financial dependencies or confessional interests in reincarnation and is purely interested on the scientific review of the topic.


  • Applied Methodology Pte. Ltd (AMe) is a newly founded International Consulting Firm and is specialized in supporting the management of international development projects. The company also engages in various activities to promote the effectiveness of meditation.


  • Applied Methodology Pte. Ltd. was founded by Jurgen Piechotta in 2014 and is built on 10 years of previous experience as a consultant for International Development projects.


  • The company continues to engage in consulting work for Developent Projects, but also started work on promoting the effectiveness of meditation (e.g. through Floating Tanks and Mind Machines) and on methodological Motion Graphics.


  • Also Applied Methodology does not benefit financially in any way from establishing this website but we believe in the good cause of promoting empirical research and discussions on the topic of reincarnation





Source: (Photo courtesy of Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect, Ian Stevenson, 1997) 


Report a Potential Reincarnation Case to Us

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You know about any reincarnation case or about a story from a child? Please, fill out the form on our homepage/here when getting in touch with us or contact us via e-mail below. We will handle your entries confidentially.

If you have further questions, points of discussion or other interest in the topic of reincarnation, please contact us!


We are particularly happy, if you would like to get involved in any way. In spite of the relevance of (the existence or non-existence of) reincarnation for us all, there is currently little scientific research on the topic and it is hardly being discussed in the media or by the general public. Let's try to change this together.

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